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USC’s Annenberg School for Communication and Journalism also temporarily suspended the name of its Julie Chen/Leslie Moonves CBS Media Center.
At Tuesday's Republican debate, Sen. Marco Rubio Esq. grabbed the gold medal for bogus populism (and crappy grammar) by proclaiming, "welders make more money than philosophers. We need more welders and less philosophers."
With some of the most competitive schools in the country, such as UCLA, UC Berkeley, and NYU, all receiving over 40,000 applications each year, there is clear pressure for applicants to stand out, and the personal essay is often the time to do so.
That rational inquiry into fundamental philosophical questions is the condition for genuine happiness and freedom -- and
I am but a mild-mannered botanist -- and certainly more of a lover than a fighter. But after a decade of studying the unusual sexual habits of "bush tomatoes" in the northern Australian wilds, my voyeurism may have finally caught up with me.
I was cruising and they seemed to be with me. And then it happened: I hit that moment where lecture becomes more like theatre -- where one becomes less "professor/orator" and more "actor/dancer/performer."
"Mistletoe and Holly" is a holiday masterpiece. But I know the biology of those two plants that Mr. Sinatra croons about... and that makes me wonder: Is there more to this song than standard Christmas cheer?
Students responded in shock and excitement, flooding (no pun intended) the streets to check the damage, take pictures of the overflowing Susquehanna River and, naturally, go tubing down the street.
While there are obvious advantages to going Greek, I think the rigid social dynamic has proven to be a disadvantage. In the summer, without registered Greek parties or campus events, everybody comes together.