I'm very pleased with the result - and, of note, one of the limited edition prints of this image resides in the permanent
One of the most uncomfortable experiences in contemporary life seems to be waiting: we'll do practically anything to avoid it.
Pay attention. Pay attention. Pay attention. This is your life! You're gonna want to know what it feels like.
In this regard therefore Parrikar's remarks are not only offensive to Pakistanis but also Hindus, Buddhist, Jains and Sikhs living in India and other parts of the world whose religions developed in the land which is today known as Pakistan.
Although female monks, or bhikkhunis, were part of Buddha’s original vision, Thailand’s clergy won’t allow them to become
So scandal allows us to exercise socializing emotions, such as superiority and contempt, while providing a sense of superiority, not to mention a false connectedness to those we share gossip and hearsay.
Being aware of all that is going on in our body and mind which is a miniature universe leads us to the greater understanding
Sonam Lama and his wife Nima Lama are standing in front of the head of Buddha statue. Photo: Kishor Panthi Workers used crane
A 1,000-year-old inscription on the bone says it came from "the Master of Perfect Enlightenment."
The new economy is defined by cherishing our assets rather than exploiting them. This requires that we examine our current
On Facebook and other social media platforms everyone appears to be a success. We show our best face, best version of ourselves
It is such an uplifting experience, but for me, I am sure that this time around when I witness the Ganga Aarti with my father
When we hear these kinds of claims, it's easy to interpret the in two possible ways. • We could be very fundamentalist about
International Sagarmatha Day is held on May 29 on the occasion of the first men to have climbed the world's tallest peak
There is no doubt that Buddha was born in Lumbini, Nepal. The word "Buddha" means a person who has personally been able to perceive the ultimate truth.
Beyond Religion: People from different cultures and religions visited the birthplace of Lord Buddha on the occasion of his