Buddy Holly

Holly and Gerron first met at Lubbock High School, where he knocked her down while running through the hallways with a guitar in his hands.
"We are reviewing the petition to reconsider the Buddy Holly crash, based on criteria in our regs," the National Transportation
You save a fortune in carfare and shoe leather when you date somebody who lives one flight up. Going steady, Sal and Charlotte spent endless evenings canoodling on their mutual front stoop.
Along the way I learned the storied history of the place. Sinatra was a regular (he liked to sit at Table 20; one of the
Teenagers back in the day who actually wore poodle skirts and experienced the Brylcreem era remember -- first hand -- the musical explosion that came to be known as rock 'n' roll.
The good people of Clovis are horrified about what happened Tuesday night in our election. We are saddened by the broad brush that paints us in the same light as the man who was elected as mayor, David Lansford.
If there were ever a week for a midcentury music revival in L.A., this must be it.
Wanda Jackson and Darlene Love are game-changers that allowed fans to reckon the authorship of the rock and roll genre with new clarity.
Remember when The Get Up Kids were on everyone's Walkman? Or George Clinton's hit "Atomic Dog"? This week Colorado's venues
His favorite example: In 1951, while playing around with a melody written by former United States Vice President and Nobel