budget bill

The dysfunction created by the filibuster, the debt ceiling, parliamentary opinions and deficit fear-mongering can end.
The measure is intended to curb the use of funds originally designated for reforestation and fire prevention programs.
Marijuana legal reforms are now becoming if not commonplace in Washington, at least solidly within the realm of the conceivable. Both Republicans and Democrats are beginning to realize that big changes need to be made in the federal government's decades-long War On Weed.
The ongoing push to lift the ban on exports of U.S.-produced crude oil appears to be coming to a close, with Congress agreeing to a budget deal with a provision to end the decades-old embargo.
The budget bill just quietly erased one of the best filing strategies.
The plan is to keep passing GOP bills that ignore the Democrats' concerns.
The sound of jingling coins that could be heard as members of Congress skipped off to National and Dulles airports was payment for a job well done.
A government shutdown once again loomed, and familiar deadlines and ultimatums flew around Washington. And Congress just used the threat to loosen the rules created in the wake of the financial crisis, a victory for Wall Street banks in their constant and well-funded campaign against reform.
How do bad laws get made? Quickly, for the most part. No, that's not a joke. The worst laws nearly all have one thing in common: They are rushed through very quickly, usually because Congress is facing some self-imposed deadline.
If the Republican leadership can sell it to enough of its members, it could be a way out of the perpetual crisis machine that the budget has become. By separating the politics from the actual real-world results, it allows both factions of the Republican Party to get what they want.
Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas), notorious for his hours-long speech that led to the government shutdown in October, hoped to name a new target Thursday in his relentless fight to defund Obamacare.
WASHINGTON -- Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas), notorious for his hours-long speech that led to the government shutdown in October
Shaheen was joined by more than a dozen other Democrats in announcing legislation to restore the military retirement benefits
Hours before Newark Mayor Cory Booker (D) won a New Jersey special senatorial election to succeed the late Sen. Frank Lautenberg (D), U.S. senators paid tribute to Lautenberg in their own way.
The budget bill also includes a provision granting a sizable funding boost to a lock and dam project on the Ohio River, benefiting
The only meaningful difference in Congress between modern times and long ago is that now we have only a single political party in America. Face it, we have a one-party system with two right wings.
McConnell kept away from negotiations partly because he and Boehner agreed it would be better to exclude Pelosi, said a source
If, indeed, only 50 or so of the 193 House Democrats backed the bill, GOP leadership would only be able to withstand around