budget control act

Asked if he could support raising the spending caps set in 2011's deal -- as he and Murray did in 2013 -- he didn't say no
William LaPlante, a principal deputy Air Force secretary, said the Air Force might have to drop plans to buy four or five
If we need any more evidence that Janet Yellen should be the next Federal Reserve Chairperson, it was the decision by the
The Grand Bargain is essentially about taking money from middle income people through Social Security cuts and tax increases and giving the money to the Pentagon for unnecessary Pentagon spending.
Rep. Mike Honda (D-Calif.) said neither party is focused on sequestration because Republicans have turned the fiscal debate
The message we should take from all this is that weapons being built for particular needs may be obsolete before they are finished.
What my son's generation (including the children whose parents will lose their jobs because of the sequester) have learned is that Congress does not make policy through a proactive, affirmative process, but instead by not acting at all.
Given the extent to which this part of the budget is already shrinking, there's simply no way to cut it by more than an additional $1 trillion without causing significant harm both now and in the future.
You see, we were actually interested in whether or not this media spat story that became such a big deal to everyone inside
Still, this all raises a question: when Bob Woodward reads emails from the White House, do the words in his head sound like