Buenos Aires

Officials said the opera singer "didn’t commit a crime, nor is he part of the organization, but rather he was a consumer of prostitution.”
The soccer legend World Cup hero, died from a heart attack, his attorney said.
Paola De Simone, 46, reportedly died during a virtual Zoom lecture for the Universidad Argentina de la Empresa in Buenos Aires.
Mara Gómez is currently awaiting the Argentine Soccer Federation’s final decision on whether or not she made the league.
James McManus, who represents Ireland in the competition, took up the Argentinean dance when he was in his 80s.
Electricity is almost fully restored as of Sunday evening to Argentina, Uruguay and Paraguay, after what one leader called an "unprecedented" power failure.
President Donald Trump used the summit in Argentina to make his own trade deals.
After a long, intense 28-hour rescue mission, a stranded humpback whale has returned home.
Officials are investigating “possible crimes against sexual integrity" at the Antonio Provolo Institute in La Plata.
The police officer was promoted to sergeant after her compassionate action.