bug spray

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Nothing can ruin a backyard get-together faster than a swarm of mosquitoes. So, each summer, we prepare to do battle: body sprays, yard sprays, citronella candles...yet even with all these expensive weapons we still end up covered in bug bites!
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Whether we're wearing long-sleeved shirts or ankle-length summer dresses, it seems mosquitoes and spiders still manage to
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You apply bug spray before sunscreen. The CDC suggests doing just the opposite: Put on sunscreen before bug spray. And this
And while bites from pests are an inevitable part of summer, it's important to reduce your risk of bug bites from mosquitoes
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Toting a white plastic spritzer of bug spray and clad in a yellow rain jacket with a dust mask, the perp who pulled off the
Fortunately, there are much safer alternatives found in natural food stores, and with carefully chosen essential oils, you
Protecting yourself from bites is important, but if the repellent annoys the mosquito, have you ever wondered if it can also hurt you?