Build Back Better

Provisions relating to immigration, climate and prescription drugs are at risk of being stripped out following a review from the Senate's rulekeeper.
Some benefits would start right away, but others would take years.
Sen. Joe Manchin says he wants paid leave done on a bipartisan basis. His colleagues and advocates point to a long history of that not happening.
It could transform lives for millions of Americans. It could also vanish after six years.
Lawmakers are rushing to pass a $778 billion defense authorization bill for next year, but are dithering over $170 billion annually for the Build Back Better Act.
House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) spoke for more than eight hours on topics ranging from economy and Hitler to Abraham Lincoln and Elon Musk — all to delay the House vote on the Build Back Better spending bill.
The second half of Joe Biden’s legislative agenda took a big step forward, but the bill’s fate in the Senate remains uncertain.
"We’ve got to demand the wealthy start paying their fair share, not give them more tax breaks," grumbled Sanders of the Build Back Better giveaway.
"I must admit Kevin McCarthy has accomplished one thing. America is no longer woke," Rep. Jamie Raskin tweeted.
He talked about spending, border security, China, Hitler, Thanksgiving and what America would have been like if Abraham Lincoln had not been assassinated.
Biden's Build Back Better bill would bolster child care assistance, create free preschool, curb seniors’ prescription drug costs and beef up efforts to slow climate change.
“It's bullshit that we would even think about any kind of tax cut for the wealthy in this,” Rep. Tim Ryan (D-Ohio) said.
The president predicted quick action on the massive domestic policy bill.
Family poverty has substantially declined thanks to the child tax credit.
"OH MY GOD! Not healthcare, education and affordable housing?!?!?!?! Anything but THAT!?!?!" one Twitter user comically lamented.
The GOP and its allies say the program would exclude churches. It wouldn’t.
The state of the economy is weird at the moment, and “hang tight” is a difficult political message to navigate.
One Democrat called Build Back Better “an implied endorsement of the Trump tax cuts.”
Amid dwindling poll numbers, President Joe Biden celebrated the passage of his infrastructure bill through Congress.
The West Virginia senator has talked a lot this year. Not everything he’s said has added up.