What thrills you in your garden -- like random assortments of lilies mixed with giant purple Allium -- might be very different from what pleases your neighbor, whose garden consists of neat rows of yellow and white. That's okay. Your vision is what makes your garden and novel unique.
January is a useful time to think about your garden in a more calculated, less impulse-driven manner. The snow in your garden provides a clean slate of possibilities, and the fact that you can't act on any of ephemeral ideas for a few months allows you time to consider your choices more in-depth.
As an educator, my outdoor experience gives me much time to reflect about our true passion, engaging and inspiring children. To that end, different aspects of the gardening experience conjure up key aspects of child growth and development.
Then, in April 2009, I met Wilbrord Braakman, who has been an organic flower bulb farmer since 1991. I remember that as I
2011-04-22-bulbs.jpgI found peace and joy this April, photographing the flowers of Keukenhof, just outside of Amsterdam -- the most spectacular bulb garden in the world.
Keep your plants cool, in shade, and moist, and they'll last the longest. When you no longer have frost warnings in your
You've been weeding until your back hurts all summer, but your job isn't over yet. Before the frost sets in there is plenty
Planting bulbs is as close to a sure bet as a gardener ever gets. Unlike shrubs, trees and perennials, most bulbs can only be planted in the fall. Consequently, it's now or never!