Russia has opened a new front in its war over Ukraine, deciding to shut off gas to two European Union nations that staunchly back Kyiv.
Mack Rutherford's journey will take him to 52 countries on five continents and he will cross the equator twice to conform with Guinness World Records requirements.
“I thought death had come from me,” Albanian truck driver Zef Lufi told the Associated Press after his rescue.
Interior Minister Boyko Rashkov told reporters at the crash site that he had “never in my life seen something more horrifying.”
Even by boxing standards, this was bonkers.
Viktoria Marinova was raped and strangled to death in a northern Bulgarian town.
Bulgaria’s Burgas Sand Festival brings artists from over 20 countries to shape sand, water, and clay into massive sculptures.
One of Japan’s biggest food trends right now is Bulgarian yoghurt.