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On the last day of our guide summit, our Bulgarian guide, Stefan Bozadzhiev, graced me and our entire staff with a traditional
And if you're into the whole sunken-buildings experience, then you can head over to Croatia to walk on a submerged town and
Welcome to the (not so little) ski town you probably didn't know existed. We're talking about Bansko, which sits at the foot
The cathedral can fit 10,000 people inside and has, on proud display, a "relic" which is probably a rib fragment from Alexander
Later, I ran into Boris on the street. He pushed a cassette tape into my hands. "The Balkan blues," he whispered into my ear.
"They are most likely to be of wealthy citizens of Serdica who were related either to the new religion or to the actual church
The discovery of supposed "vampire" graves in Bulgaria may translate to big bucks for the country if curious tourists continue
The head of the local hotel group tells the news agency that adding British bobbies to the beat "would be a fairly effective