The actress said the wardrobe sessions "made me really insecure."
My life of red carpets, hit TV shows ... and losing a tooth from purging!
There is a widely held belief that black women don’t have eating disorders. But that’s verifiably not true.
"I just, I hate that I wrote that."
Identical 16-year-old twins Taylor and Tricia have been best friends since birth. Parents Vicky and Robert say the girls
Sixteen-year-old identical twins Taylor and Tricia are caught in a cycle of bingeing and purging that their parents say has
One off-hand comment from this presidential nominee is enough to begin picking at the scabs we allowed to form over our childhood wounds.
"To remove myself from social media, is to free myself from other people’s gaze."
As you move through your residential or outpatient treatment, you may be unsure, or even fearful, of what's on the other side for you. Doubt, worry and anxiety are very real emotions you may be experiencing.
I still know women like my mom. They absolutely detest getting older. They shake incredulous heads at the idea that perhaps they could accept another version of beauty. They are far from the midlife bloggers who stand in the bright sun, taking selfies or Periscopes of themselves, hooting about this and that, exuding confidence.