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This wasn't our first rodeo and it won't be our last.
"I'd have to say my art imitates my life. I've always been one to throw myself off cliffs. Not because I'm brave, but because I can't stop myself; that's how I learn best."
Based on the best-selling novel by Nicholas Sparks, The Longest Ride intertwines the love stories of two couples, decades apart, in this romantic drama.
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The event was a prelude to the Professional Bull Riders' upcoming three-day championship at Madison Square Garden this weekend
"I really don't consider myself a cowboy," he explained. "To me, a cowboy is someone that is actually farming and ranching. Me, myself, I feel that I'm just a bull rider with the best job in the world."
After signing liability waivers and changing into Dickies uniforms, we practiced in the dirt arena with a one-wheeled contraption
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Don't let someone tell you it's impossible at your age -- or at any age! We simply don't have to be relegated to the sidelines just because we've had our 50th birthday -- get up and 'go for the glory' golden edgers!
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"I had reconstructive surgery on my nose from getting hit by a horn. Later I got two teeth knocked out due to a horn to the side of mouth."
As I watched the more off-putting events like calf roping and steer wrestling I couldn't help but feel like I was watching a group of people who didn't realize that society has evolved past them.
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Unfamiliar with mutton-busting? The bizarre event involves strapping children 6-years old and younger to live sheep to test
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For these men, eight seconds of holding onto a two-thousand-pound bucking beast hellbent on hurling its rider to the ground can feel like a full four quarters, nine innings or longer.
Hang on to your Stetson, Pardner! Get ready for excitement, tension and exceptional drama. This rootin', tootin', rip-roaring, down-and-dusty rodeo is 10 days of bull riding in Calgary, Canada.
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New Yorkers are finally getting back into the swing of things after a rough holiday season (thank you blizzard). Spend the
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Watch video shot by a rodeo spectator here: Spectators at the Canadian Finals Rodeo were left shaken Friday when a runaway
Animal sports run the gamut from racing, to fighting, to outright killing. Even the sports that the American public recognizes
You're only as old as you feel. Unless you're 32 and still shopping at Hollister. In that case, you're not just old. You're creepy.
There is a sport that combines the heartland appeal of NASCAR, the inherent danger of the X Games and the colorful personalities of MMA. It's exploding in popularity worldwide.