Armor-piercing rounds have been banned for decades, but one of the project's creators claims the process will be cheap and completely legal.
The Senate will now wait until the next greatest mass shooting in American history before it fails again. "That should be
Watch an armor-piercing bullet be obliterated on impact by the material.
Yes, there are background checks for guns. Yes, people can bypass that background check by buying a gun from someone at a
There's more to that character's shocking "death" than you think.
In the wake of the Charleston shootings, The Washington Post's E.J. Dionne, Jr. writes of a culture of evasion. He might not know it, but he's describing the discipline I call Influence Strategy and some of the 24 plays that comprise it. Consider two examples from the progressive columnist:
There are thirty gun deaths a day in America. I ache when I consider how many lives have been lost and ruined over senseless perverted NRA interpretations to the right to keep and bear arms.
The Washington Redskins and Chief Wahoo are not something said in private. They are as public as it gets. Millions of dollars are made each year by the sale of merchandise with these names and logos prominently appearing. Yet the leagues do nothing.
The "Faces of Courage" campaign is focused on honoring gun violence victims and their families -- and taking action so fewer mothers who are celebrating Mother's Day this weekend will be mourning their own children next year and in years to come.
Have you heard that the government is buying up billions of bullets in bulk so that when the feds inevitably go to war with
What happens when more than 20 of America's funniest cartoonists get together? They make a very serious public service announcement demanding action against gun violence.
Machete himself, legendary actor Danny Trejo, stops by the What's Trending studio to chat about raising money for his Snap Shot film on, the three Bs of fantastic filmmaking, and the future of his Machete films.
Northeastern University researcher Glenn Pierce is a co-author of a RAND Corporation study (http://link.reuters.com/byb45t
Youth Radio/Youth Media International (YMI) is youth-driven converged media production company that delivers the best youth
For "responsible" gun owners, ammunition control by law enforcement should be a welcome compromise. The argument has always been that control laws only affect responsible gun owners.
Look out grandma. The people who cut your retirement check may be packing some heat. In a further attempt to explain the
"Nobody had ever seen that, but we’ve got high-speed video photography that shows that it’s true," Jones said. Using the
We know who makes bullets and we know how much it costs us when criminals use their products to harm others. By charging the industry for these expenses, companies would have an incentive to put in place better precautions.