Whether with President Trump, certain celebrity speakers at the Women's March or disagreements with family or friends -- each of us must decide how we respond to differences that offend us: Do we continue this game or change it?
Growing up in a small town Pennsylvania, Alexis Rydbom was bullied and faced racial discrimination because she is a biracial. She shares her story with Jimmy Nguyen, and talks about how she overcame her childhood challenges to become a confident young woman.
Whether you are a female gamer, a celebrity or just a kid trying to navigate the social scene on Instagram, you can encounter unparalleled levels of viciousness online.
On Friday, December 19, 2014, we invite you to celebrate the fifth annual Wear Star Wars Share Star Wars Day, an affirmation of geek pride and a stance against gender-based discrimination.
Being bullied 10 or 20 or 50 years ago does not qualify you to dismiss those who are being bullied today. Why? Largely, it is because of the digital revolution.
Anderson Cooper talks anti-gay bullying experience
When I have moments of doubt, I remember the three little faces turned toward me as if I am their sun and I ask myself, "How will my words and my facial expressions affect them?"
Jim Lehrer struggles to gain control of the Presidential debate, as both candidates show him little respect.