Answer by Sean Kernan, Bachelors from George Washington University and USF, on Quora: I remember feeling embarrassed that
I can teach my students to think critically, question, participate, care, and create a better world. I can share inspiration and truth that will cut through rhetoric and deception. Words have power...in good and bad ways.
Donald Trump has always been a parody. His constituents, with fulsome media connivance, led him speech by speech, rally by
It can be devastating to learn that your child is bullying other children at school. However, there are ways that you can
It increases fitness. It improves the mind (focus, concentration, quick thinking, etc.). It develops manners. It keeps kids
You just get to work on a Monday morning when you receive a call from your child’s school principal. She tells you there
Asked to explain his political views, Theodor Geisel -- better known as Dr. Seuss -- once said that he was "against people who push other people around." Were he alive today, he would surely be using his sharp pen to make fun of Donald Trump.
"It was in the age where I thought that I could sort of fend for myself."
One brother refuses to talk to me about my book. When my book tour came to his town, he fled. My other brother will not talk
My daughters are only preschoolers now, but the thought of them experiencing half that cruelty at some point makes me shudder. Like any parent, my husband and I strive to raise compassionate girls who practice kindness.
I never thought football could cause an existential parenting crisis, but this spring, that is exactly what it did. My almost
So, can the masses be trusted? How do you define the masses? Will they show up to vote? Will they be organized? Will they be fist-fighting just outside the polls?
I'm surprised no one's made a sequel to the movie 'Mean Girls.' Because, unfortunately Social Exclusion and its accompanying behaviors aren't always left on the abandoned playgrounds of our youth. In fact, sometimes it seems like it's even picked up a little momentum by middle age.
I left teaching for many reasons. One of them was watching a young man I mentored for four years endure some of the worst bullying I have seen -- and even with mounds of social media evidence, nothing was done.
The United States' national political process should be declared a disaster zone. I am embarrassed for our country with how presidential elections have become sideshows.