Bully pulpit

Haley Morris-Cafiero confronts her trolls by forcing them to confront themselves.
"You don’t use the bully pulpit as the president of the United States to rile up people and say things as a joke or as a campaign promise.”
Time after time, they tell us the president is "just joking" and doesn't mean what he says.
Much of my life is spent between three locations. They represent two distinct America's - that of Seattle/Palm Springs and
This is not about President Obama, but about something bigger and deeper. It's about whether there's any real hope for America, and whether specifically there's hope that Liberal America can and will play the role that our nation needs for it to play.
Unfortunately, Obama's bleating obscures rather than clarifies. He criticized Hamas's housing of "rocket launchers right
Everyone remembers the 2008 campaign when, in the exhilaration of Obamania, the advertising slogan "no-drama Obama" had a fair amount of success. This reflected a common misunderstanding of politics, for personalities matter much less than the force field of conflicts between the various powerful sectors in oligarchic democracies.
I'm often asked what President Obama can really accomplish on the economy with just "the pen and the phone," i.e., what can he do without Congress.
"For all the ritual and attention surrounding these speeches," they write, "the State of the Union is, well, sort of lame
As it is often said that "elections have consequences," in fact so do words. Therefore, let us assign and bury the "bully pulpit" to the archives of linguistics.
Well, I have to admit -- I never thought John Boehner was stupid enough to shut the government down over Obamacare. Shows what I know, right? Sigh.
Ain't what it used to be? The suggestion being that it was once something special? That was Cillizza's argument -- that a
So it's a little bit weird for a guy who's terrified of super-intimidating executive branch underlings to simultaneously
Voter disillusionment is not caused by pundits who..."falsely promise that the glowing briefcase of president leadership
It is inconceivable to me that we as a church are unwilling to connect the dots between the church's teaching on homosexuality and the way it's being implemented by members of the hierarchy and the harm it is causing to our LGBT youth.
While his words were poignant and necessary, they will ring hollow if he does little else going forward to give voice to the millions of Americans of all colors who want to change our culture for the better.
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Today, the American presidency is the kind of office Henry and Randolph warned us against, and the Congress itself is complicit in the perilous expansion of presidential powers.
Still, Obama's team believe their experiences from the first term offer a formula to help break the legislative impasse on