All in all, ever since his forceful response to the midterm elections, Obama seems to be getting more and more popular. In absolute numbers, of course, Obama still has a long way to go.
David Lieb had the idea for Bump while daydreaming. He wrote the initial concept on a napkin, having no clue how it would
Influencers and Innovation: David Lieb, CEO and Co-founder of Bump Technologies, discusses how a daydream turned into one of the most popular apps ever.
Last week, thanks to my father-in-law, I learned a very valuable lesson. Never use the word "matronly" to describe a pregnant woman. A man needs all his wits to survive a first pregnancy with his relationship intact. These are my Top 7 Pregnancy Survival Tips.
Jacob chats with HuffPost Senior Polling Editor Mark Blumenthal about the lack of significant movement in the latest polls.
TORONTO (Reuters) - Splitting the bill at a restaurant or settling road trip expenses can be as simple as tapping two phones
Cute! Sorry slightly-scary Heidi Klum, and pretty-poisonous Kim Kardashian, but we think Beyonce and her bump have just beaten
[Program Note: Last month, we ran this column four days before the end of May, due to travel plans. We promised we'd update
"What a difference a death makes." President Obama announced at the very beginning of the month that Osama bin Laden was dead, and his poll numbers reacted almost immediately.
April was a pretty miserable month for Barack Obama, mostly due to the high price of gasoline at the pump. But May is already shaping up to be one of Obama's best months ever, for one very obvious reason.