After President Donald Trump threatened to crush peaceful protesters in Seattle, local politicians told the president to “go back to his bunker.”
He was being protected from protesters, the attorney general reveals in a Fox News interview.
The singing YouTube comedy star trashes the "coward" president for going underground during Washington protests against George Floyd's death.
She "pulls me off the ledge every time," hailed a fan.
President Donald Trump claimed he went to the White House bunker during anti-racism protests for an “inspection.”
The "Jimmy Kimmel Live!" host is inspecting Trump's bunker "inspection" story.
One Twitter user wondered what the president was inspecting the bunker for: "Bunkeriness? Hideability?"
"I went down, I looked at it," the president said of his time in the underground Presidential Emergency Operations Center.
Rather than a wall, the actor suggests they'd be less bothered if they removed themselves from society.
Although it was almost completely destroyed in a horrific bombing in 1943, today's Hamburg has rebounded as a surprisingly fun and fascinating city.