Bureau of Economic Analysis

Ain't that a shame.
Growth in the drilling and tech industries helped boost the national economy.
The Census Bureau fuels a huge number of U.S. businesses, but the White House is underfunding it just as it prepares for its greatest task.
The BEA originally calculated these values based on what are called "regional price parities," which measure differences
We currently have a national system of leading indicators that does not include or count important things that can be counted. We need one that does.
Click here to see America’s fastest shrinking cities. While the population of most of the country’s metro areas grew at a
To be exact, President Obama's 2010 health law was responsible for about three-quarters of a surprising January rise in U.S
The change reflects that in economic terms, film and television works are an intangible asset, not an expense. Long after
It looks like Congress' massive spending cuts will indeed begin in March. Sam Stein and Zach Carter join Alicia to discuss.
Orszag's skepticism seemed justified as Republicans called for further austerity. White House Press Secretary Jay Carney
The news should bode well for the U.S. economy, as metropolitan areas account for 87 percent of the nation's personal income
As a part of the ACPSA, the NEA has outlined plans to identify and measure the specific industries and commodities that spark
The good news is it already felt like the second quarter was weak; the GDP report just confirms it. The bad news is the third quarter feels pretty weak as well.
According to the Cleveland Fed, between 1967 and 1980, the average real income of the bottom 20 percent of households grew
Most Americans agree that public workers should be compensated for their skills at the same market rates as private employees. But right now, many public workers get an unjustified premium.
They don’t call them oil booms for nothing. An oil rush in North Dakota has helped the income of the state's residents grow
Meanwhile, Americans stashed away more of their money in their savings accounts in October. The personal savings rate was
It remains to be seen if metro areas can sustain the same level of growth through the end of this year, especially with the
Instead of chugging along in reasonable health, the United States had been hovering on the brink of a double-dip recession