bureau of indian education

The pandemic has hit Native American communities particularly hard.
A group of Native American students say that they are being provided with a shockingly poor education.
No student should have to learn in a moldy, rat-infested classroom.
"This population is not only underserved and underrepresented, but they're darn near invisible."
"Native youth deserve a lot better than what they’re currently getting."
The White House Tribal Youth Gathering is part of the Obama administration’s Generation Indigenous, an initiative that aims
The administration also announced a slew of programs that will be made available to tribes through various federal agencies
This latest waiver is designed to give the Miccosukee tribe more control over their children's education, Jewell said at
”If these were our loved ones going to these schools, there is little doubt we would march down Pennsylvania Avenue to demand
"Native youth and Native education are in a state of emergency. Low rates of educational attainment perpetuate a cycle of