Bureau of Labor Statistics

"Discouraged" workers who've given up on looking for a job aren't counted in the official unemployment rate.
Telecommuting tends to be a luxury for higher earners. The nature of service jobs, in particular, can make it impossible.
There were 25 work stoppages -- involving 425,500 total workers -- last year.
The number of union members stayed roughly the same and didn’t grow with the labor force.
Lack of paid time off is a feature of America's unforgiving labor market.
Ain't that a shame.
Is there a shortage of truckers? Freight not, according to a paper published by the Labor Department.
After years of weak bargaining power, U.S. workers finally went on strike in massive numbers.
A long downward slide continued, but unions still had victories to celebrate.
There was just one problem with the Republican senator's tweet about the president.