Bureau of Ocean Energy Management

The provision is included in a package that resembles an industry wish list.
Anti-ESA Advocacy Gutting the Endangered Species Act In a report titled "Sue and Settle: Regulating Behind Closed Doors," the
In an email, Shell spokesman Curtis Smith called the approval of the company's exploration plan an "important milestone" that
The rules will be open for public comment for 60 days. Shell is the only company with immediate plans to drill in the U.S
Welcome to Washington, new members of Congress. It is a city of museums, statues, self-importance and arcane ways.
"The debate concerning the belief that unlimited corporate, privatized growth is tatamount to the jeapordizing of an entire
Deploying the age-old "Friday news dump," President Barack Obama's Interior Department gave the green light on Friday, July 18 to companies to deploy seismic air guns to examine the scope of Atlantic Coast offshore oil-and-gas reserves.
"I was being effective," he said. "I felt compelled to work deliberately to get those studies in place. As long as the agency
The lease auctions are the first step in the construction of offshore wind farms. So far, there are no utility-scale wind
Jonathan Henderson, Coastal Resiliency Organizer with the Gulf Restoration Network in New Orleans, said Taylor's sheen may
Scientists say oil and gas seeps surrounding BP's Deepwater Horizon well appear to be mostly natural and to pre-date the 2010 spill.
Dolphins are washing up dead while fish disappear as oil and dispersants from BP's 2010 spill lurk in Gulf waters and marshes.
"None of these three broad categories of recommendations have been sufficiently addressed in general, let alone in frontier
Interior Secretary Ken Salazar called that a "misconception" and a spokeswoman for the Bureau of Ocean Energy Management
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The conclusions laid out in the final Oil Spill Commission report could not be more stark. Without fundamental reforms, a disaster could well recur.
The U.S. offshore drilling agency will begin conducting surprise inspections on oil rigs as part of a new aggressive enforcement