“I think he wanted to capture him and have him arrested,” the local sheriff said.
The suspect went full "Mission: Impossible" for the raid.
The man clutched a knife in his mouth just feet from their beds.
Among the scattered fragments of my doorway and the ransacked damage of my home, I found Dusty hiding in the bedroom by the nightstand drawer. I had never been robbed before. I called the police, my homeowners associations and a therapist.
According to The Mirror, "Bruno" was arrested Friday when he went back to the store during normal shopping hours. A store
Talk about terrifying! According to Page Six, Keri Russell awoke around 3 a.m. this morning (Dec. 4) to the frightening realization
Halloween may be right around the corner, but we can't say we were expecting this. "We understand that it is nearing Halloween
What's to do when a bumbling burglar attempts to (hilariously) break into your grocery store? Turn the security camera footage
According to TMZ, when LL Cool J was surprised by an intruder who had tripped the alarm system at his Studio City home in
"I think we need to uncover every rock and every stone to see other areas where we could save some money," Councilman Perry