buried alive

After seeing the flooding disaster in Colorado, entertainer Johnny Colt wanted to know what it was like to be trapped with
If older, classier generations could be a font, they'd be Times New Roman, Ansari argues in his Netflix special "Buried Alive
Comedian Aziz Ansari details the pitfalls of dating for his generation during his standup special, "Buried Alive."
While we obviously don't tend towards reinforcing almost any stereotypes, there is no denying that the topic serves as fertile
Here at HuffPost Weddings, we're obviously big proponents of marriage. But we also understand that swearing "'till death
Whenever performers -- such as Mary Bridget Davies in A Night With Janis Joplin, at the Lyceum -- impersonate iconic figures, they're going to be compared to the original, whether they like it or not. They certainly can't be surprised when they are.
Good news for Aziz Ansari fans! The "Parks And Recreation" star is releasing his latest stand-up special, "Buried Alive" directly
A 72-year-old car crash victim had been in a German morgue for several hours Monday when a worker there noticed something
"The gold standard here [for identifying a body] is visual identification by a family member," so the son's identification
Would you invite friends over if your parents were both hoarders? We've got an exclusive sneak peek at the upcoming episode
After digging herself out of the grave, Lewandowska sought help from passing motorists. But Lewandowska managed to escape
In addition to his hook techniques, Joseph Finder also creates memorable characters. He does this with just the right amount of detail about their looks, personalities and thoughts.
People do weird things. That's a fact of life. Sometimes they do weird things just for the heck of it, but other times it's
To date, four million animals have been buried alive in South Korea because humans are too lazy and too cheap to properly vaccinate them.
Quentin Dupieux's Rubber is a movie about, no joke, an evil tire that can blow things up with its mind.The director is aided by what I believe to be one of the most powerful performances by an inanimate object in decades.
The girl had been reported as missing by her family. Police have arrested her father, mother and grandfather. Her mother
In disasters and other traumas, infants and youngsters are remarkably hardy and resilient, arriving in the world with built-in mini-survival kits.
The 17-year-old worker, Cody Rigsby, was killed May 29 after being buried alive in a grain bin. The flow of grain had not
A 3-year-old Bolivian girl whose parents thought was dead and were preparing to bury remained in a coma but was improving
HIDROLÂNDIA, Brazil -- Under the shade of ficus trees stands the stone burial chapel that 73-year-old Freud de Melo built