Muslim women have been intimidated, harassed and kicked out for wearing modest bathing suits across America.
“People see something that makes them a little bit uncomfortable, and they need to make a big deal about it,” said 21-year-old Ala Yamout.
Melina Papageorgiou gives the controversial swimsuits space to finally enjoy a day at the beach.
The shocking photos of the four-armed policemen forcing apparently a Muslim woman to take off her clothes has revealed huge debate, cartoons and will last for the next few days.
Villeneuve-Loubet's burkini ban has been overturned. But that didn't stop beachgoers from threatening 23-year-old Zeynab Alshelh.
Women shouldn't have to choose between liberty and safety -- we should have both unconditionally.
Underlying this collaborative effort is a commitment to the universal values that American and French citizens share. After
According to Zanetti, about 40 percent of her customers are not Muslims. The outfits have been popular in Israel among the
May the fierce feminist outrage in France continue.
Instead of worrying about women in burqas, maybe we should worry about men in suits.
What does a Burkini ban have to do with a forthcoming global conference on World's Religions After September 11, which meets in Montreal at the Palais des congress on September 15, 2016? The answer is: "Everything," strange as it might sound.
He said the bare-breasted Marianne, a national symbol, "isn't veiled because she's free."
PARIS -- The burkini ban made authorities and the republic they represent look ridiculous. Yet at the same time, the matter is complex.
It's not about safety -- or morals in any ordinary sense of the word. It's about conformity -- a charge the French would bristle at.
It illustrates perfectly how viralization of a story works in this day and age, how the masses through it have found a voice