burkini ban

“People see something that makes them a little bit uncomfortable, and they need to make a big deal about it,” said 21-year-old Ala Yamout.
The shocking photos of the four-armed policemen forcing apparently a Muslim woman to take off her clothes has revealed huge debate, cartoons and will last for the next few days.
Villeneuve-Loubet's burkini ban has been overturned. But that didn't stop beachgoers from threatening 23-year-old Zeynab Alshelh.
The French leader slammed bans in some towns as "unconstitutional."
I am eager to respond to the article "'The Way People Look at Us Has Changed': Muslim Women on Life in Europe" that appeared in the pages of the New York Times on September 2, and which paints an intolerable picture, as it is false, of France, the country of lights and of liberties.
The world economy can't grow without China. And China can't continue growing unless the rest of the world does. The G-20 -- which brings together advanced and emerging economies representing 85 percent of world GDP and 75 percent of trade -- is the one global body capable of addressing this shared challenge. (continued)
What are the limits of what the law does to the human body? Nowhere does our fraught exchange with power touch us more keenly