"Remember, there's going to be more people that like you and appreciate you than people that hate you," Jo Weldon said.
As a queer woman who grew up in a conservative setting, burlesque dancer Jo Weldon found freedom, fun and her calling in underground nightlife.
Finding a guy tall enough to play Chewbacca who could dance was a challenge, according to the director.
The FIERCE! International Queer Burlesque Festival returns home to Pittsburgh for its fifth year of celebrating the fusion
Like in the circus, her coworkers were transients. Christy recalled one group of Gypsies from Turkey pickpocketing “marks
“I do feel the need to do well as a sort of ambassadorship on the behalf of fat girls everywhere," Fancy Feast explains in a documentary, "which is a joy and a piece of s**t burden.”
I could never compete with her, but Dr. Fazio said I'm now a good patient, too. So you can imagine how I felt recently when
Take, for instance, the case of Glenn Ford, sentenced to death in Louisiana for killing a watchmaker. Four people were suspected