Burmese python

The largest Burmese python ever removed from Big Cypress National Preserve was carrying a skin-crawling number of eggs.
The snake is said to be of record-length in Florida's program to combat the invasive species.
Maybe he just should've left a bad review on Yelp.
Daniel Moniz, who said he took a snakebite to the face while wrestling a 13-footer, snagged two of the top prizes.
They say size doesn't matter, but the invasive Burmese pythons multiplying in the Everglades are beginning to haunt our nightmares
But unlike the infamous bursting-python-vs-gator event of 2006, this time it seems home court advantage came in handy: an
"What we are seeing in snakes is unprecedented," study researcher David Pollock of the University of Colorado School of Medicine
Things are getting downright biblical in Florida, where residents and wildlife face afflictions worthy of their own book
On August 30, Miami-Dade Fire Rescue received a call about a large snake attacking a 60-pound Siberian husky, a Florida Fish
Earlier this year, the Florida Fish and Wildlife Commission even held a Python Challenge encouraging people to hunt and kill