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Troy University just installed exercise bikes in their library to sharpen students minds and bodies.
Shoulder Touches: 1. Come into a straight arm plank with wrists under shoulders and feet hip-width apart. Touch your right
So you don't exactly have the bank account to swing surfing lessons or a snowboarding trip, but you still want to move more
A recent late-winter skiing trip reminded us here at Healthy Living that there are lots of ways to get in shape that have
(Photo by Rieder photography) Instructions: Perform a dynamic warm up for 5-10 minutes. Jog 30 yards then walk back. Repeat
Starting with last night's Opening Ceremonies, it's safe to say the biggest Winter Olympics fans among us may be tempted
Cook Whip up a summer treat in the kitchen. Chopping and stirring for 25 minutes can help you burn 57 calories, all before
By Corrie Pikul Take your workout outdoors—yes, even the one you thought you could only do with a rubber mat on the floor
Turkey with gravy, stuffing, buttery mashed potatoes, pecan pie with vanilla ice cream -- if you're not careful, your Thanksgiving
Are darker days and cooler temperatures discouraging you from getting a good workout? For more on fitness and exercise, click