burn notice

Who doesn't want to insert themselves into their favorite show for a few days?
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Former "Burn Notice" star Seth Peterson burned his pregnant wife by leaving her for a 23-year-old.
Aside from "Burn Notice," Peterson has also appeared in "NCIS," "CSI: NY," "The Shield," "CSI" and "Deadwood." Peterson's
“I love you, Michael," she told him. When the men broke into her house, her final words before detonating the C4 were, "This
If there's one thing we knew about Sam Axe, it's that he always had (or always wanted to have) a beer in his hand.
The long-running USA series "Burn Notice" bows out for good on Thursday, and we already know the last episode will be suitably
An exclusive clip from Thursday's Burn Notice series finale.
The cliffhanger left BuddyTV with a lot of questions. “Is it too late for the Michael Westen I fell in love with? The man