burn pits

Joe Biden sees parallels between the toxins that have stricken so many 9/11 responders with cancer, and the toxins his son, Beau, breathed in Iraq before he died of cancer last year.
It's no secret that US military operations can be harmful to the environment. US military presence and interventions often leave environmental health problems for both soldiers and the local population.
"What they are suffering from is medically unexplained, but very real," added Rosof. "We need to give it the attention it
While one can debate whether DoD regulations and other laws, both national and international were sufficient to deal with
This week's NATO summit on the future of the war in Afghanistan probably did not get to the matter of burn pits or abandoned latrines. These are the details of hell. They are also our legacy, in Afghanistan and Iraq.
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Our military has already chosen to die for their country -- but does that include by the hand of Big Pharma too?
And sometimes a contractor operated a pit based on outmoded guidance. Typically, contractors such as KBR, DynCorp, and Fluor
IN 'GREEN NEWS EXTRA' (see links below): Monsanto hired notorious security firm Blackwater; PA Governor apologizes for tracing
Sick soldiers deployed in Iraq and Afghanistan filed claims because of "alleged failures of the military contractors to treat water and dispose of waste in a manner required" by the US military. The defense is looking even lamer than ever.