Joanne Mogavero suffered first- and second-degree burns after coffee spilled on her lap, her lawyers say.
The takeover is costing taxpayers hundreds of thousands of dollars, the Oregon governor says.
The state of Oregon has offered us nearly two weeks of a 21st century governing challenge. One that has demonstrated a durable, resilient democracy among American citizens.
Those occupying empty federal facilities say they've done nothing wrong.
"You said you were here to help the citizens of Harney County. That help ended when a peaceful protest became an armed occupation."
Some of the citizens of Burns back the militants who've occupied a federal building there since Saturday.
I fell into a pot of boiling-hot water, immersed in it for nearly an hour -- alone and unsupervised. This traumatic event, literally scarred me for life. Physically for sure, but also emotionally and psychologically.
I didn't know much about TV/Film production; I just knew that I wanted to make films and I didn't have the money to do it.