Consider also judges in courtrooms. Do they need those robes to broadcast their sagacity? Might they dress like the rest
Stylistically, the burkini is not all that different from the wet suit used by scuba divers and often used by surfers and
Lawmakers are deliberating over what women can and cannot wear in public.
Anyone who pushes for a ban on burqas must, as a responsible politician, also consider the possible consequences. We're not merely dealing with a piece of clothing; we're dealing with the unity of our entire society.
Trump-era conservatives are only interested in propping up their religious beliefs without regard for how they impact others' lives. They have no concern for the rights of all citizens. They are not leading an intellectual movement, but rather a movement for their ethno religious politics.
That Sunday afternoon I attend Of Note magazine's "Art of the Burqa" co-hosted by the Afghan Women's Writing Project. Afghanistan
I have been living in Afghanistan for ten years. We've just had a week of multiple major attacks in our capital city Kabul. For me, I went through a bit of a routine, as I do when these awful things happen.
Suspected Boko Haram fighters also raided the Nigerian town of Ngamdu on Friday, opening fire on residents and killing 10
You've seen women in burqas, niqabs, and abayas on the news -- but how many do you actually know? And what is it like to wear one all the time?
Progressive Muslims of both genders oppose a ban but most agree that it is a women's issue that relates to empowerment and agency.
As the globe becomes more cosmopolitan, it becomes even more important to get our balance right. And a correct balance is what underpins liberal secularism.
When you're unable to introduce Pakistan-style blasphemy laws in a secular, Western society, you have to find alternative ways to silence those who offend you, right? And that's where the "Islamophobia" smear comes in.
Legislating against and criminalizing the burqa is not, as many critics argue, going to achieve gender parity in Western societies. Rather, banning the burqa is going to bully Muslim women into abandoning their cultural traditions, religious obligations, and political expressions.
During the taxi ride back to my hotel, I realize that my lunch was not lamb or chicken or almond soup. I was served a big fat plate of sexual discrimination.
The study also investigated responses to the question, "Should women be able to choose their own clothing?" A visit to any
The European Court of Human Rights is considering a case brought by an unnamed Muslim woman who says the French mandate that she remove her veil in public is an infringement on her religious, free speech, and privacy rights.
But this made sense to him, despite the objections of his female friends who never found him attractive, as well as a few
Yes, I can take it off whenever I choose, but the hijab for me is my identity. It is how I present myself to the world and it is a reflection of my belief that I am following a religious tradition. And that's something no costume can ever capture.
West Australia passed a new law on Thursday mandating women wearing face-covering veils to remove them if asked by authorities