They'd say no even if the extremist group renounced violence.
Many of us, like me, who live in the western United States know that one big thunderstorm isn't going to solve the problem.
Nearly half of all those polled (46 percent) agree with the statement, "Traditional values are outdated and belong in the past; I am keen to embrace modern values and beliefs," up from just 17 percent in 2011.
Burson-Marsteller has a long history of working on PR campaigns that downplay or contradict established health concerns. The
The influence business is no longer about votes up or down on particular measures that may emerge in Congress or policies made in the White House. This is about setting agendas, deciding what should, and should not, be brought up for hearings and legislation.
Public diplomacy involves long-term strategies, and the mix of hopes and concerns so clearly reflected in the responses to the Arab youth survey should be integrated into the planning of public diplomacy programs directed at this part of the world.
Meanwhile, companies that have always had extensive international operations are expanding them. And the biggest news: There's
In August, AIG repaid $11.4 billion of its government bailout, yet the company's stock still remains 95 percent lower than
Thankfully, in the field of public relations, there are organizations like the LAGRANT Foundation, a nonprofit organization