Burt Bacharach

“Burt’s transition is like losing a family member,” the singer said in a statement to HuffPost.
Brian Wilson, Billy Corgan and Paul Stanley were just some of the celebrities offering social media condolences.
Bacharach had a run of top 10 hits from the 1950s into the 21st century.
Sager's five-decade songwriting career is among the most impressive in all of the music business. But after writing hit after hit, Sager's most recent offering is not a song at all. She has penned her memoir.
Recently I was let go of a project I was working on and it's a killer for me. My eyes are all wet and I'm trying to assuage my tears with Burt Bacharach songs. "Lord we don't need another mountain," as one of his song goes. God, I feel like it's me against the Alps.
"There's a certain astonishment on my part that we've gone through so many cycles of what's in, what's popular--and not in a healthy way, the way the record business is now."