Today, the Supreme Court upheld the rights of millions of Americans to affordable health care. Affordable health care was, for many, life changing and even life saving. One Iowa is proud to be a part of the necessary outreach to our community who are underserved and underinsured.
For proponents of the Affordable Care Act, today's Supreme Court decision upholding federal subsidies on federally created exchanges is cause to celebrate. Once again, the ACA has survived a potentially fatal challenge. The significance of today's decision, however, also extends into the future.
The Supreme Court is expected to issue a hotly anticipated decision soon in a lawsuit that could do major damage to the Affordable Care Act, aka Obamacare. What's it all about, and who would be affected? Huffington Post health care reporter Jeffrey Young explains.
President Barack Obama nominated Sylvia Matthews Burwell as Director of the White House Office of Management And Budget Monday