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Irena Ivic spotted the boy, who was wearing a diaper and a onesie, on an overpass in freezing temperatures.
This infant was found wandering across an overpass alone in frigid temperatures.
Curtis Jenkins bought Christmas gifts for every child on his elementary school bus route — and he's planning more kind gestures for the future.
"It's clearly despicable," said an attorney for the girl's family.
On the My Way Alpine Europe Tour I'm currently leading, my assistant, Trish Feaster, is sharing a few of her guiding tricks
"The smile on her face ... showed just how much we touched her heart."
The incident happened "in the middle of the day for the entire street to see."
"So I open my door one slowly, giving them time to get prepped and ready to go," Wilson said. "I open up door two, the gentleman
June 5 (Reuters) - The driver of a Tennessee school bus that crashed in December, killing two students and a teacher's aide
"I didn't expect that anybody would care," she told CNN. "I was doing my job." A math teacher responsible for saving the
A bus driver attempted to avoid a drug test by using his wife’s urine instead of his own only to find out she’s pregnant.
In 2011, a different TriMet driver also saved a roaming toddler who'd strayed into traffic. In that instance, the driver
As riders looked on, the intercity bus driver, who was identified in Swedish-language reports as André Grandin, knelt down
The driver, identified as Charlotte McDaniel, has been suspended, and Marion County prosecutors are investigating. Bonilla