But the nation breathed a sigh of relief today when Washington stepped in and said that it would be carrying out Arizona's
Addressing the Department of Justice's decision to try terrorist suspects in civilian court rather than a military tribunal
This mind-blowing number partly includes the cost of private contractors who have moved into areas of support that have been
The Senate Judiciary Committee's "Getting to the Truth Through a Nonpartisan Commission of Inquiry" convened this morning
The release this week of the "secret memos" confirms that Bush's legal architects were building up the framework for something even scarier than our most anguished projections.
With all the controversy surrounding the Bush administration's firings of several U.S. attorneys, the question for the Obama
On Monday, the Justice Department undid a small part of the damage that top officials caused in a scandal of politicized
An internal report issued this week by the Justice Department brought attention to the Bush Administration's efforts to "burrow
So you'll remember that on Tuesday, a DOJ report found that John Tanner, the former chief of the department's voting rights