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So let's cut the talk of fundamental American values that the rest of the world should admire. Obama may not want to dwell on the past, but history will, and his legacy on torture will be one of acceptance.
If George W. Bush’s fervent insistence that his government did not engage in torture does not define and haunt him forever
Cheney has firmly rejected the notion that the CIA lied to him, a contention put forth in the Senate Intelligence Committee’s
The two sides of the American theory of war-making are etched in McCain’s 78-year-old, battle-scarred face. Surrounded by
The international community and human rights advocates cheered the president's forceful statement. But within the CIA, the
Watch President Bush deny torture tactics above. The Senate report notes that his speech, which is mentioned several times
John McLaughlin, a former CIA deputy director under Bush, said in The New York Times on Monday that agency supporters will
WASHINGTON -- America, the Obama administration says, takes its history of torture seriously. President Barack Obama outlawed
WASHINGTON -- A U.S. delegation will be asked by a United Nations panel on Wednesday if it believes the international Convention
Once upon a time, if a character on TV or in a movie tortured someone, it was a sure sign that he was a bad guy. Now, the torturers are the all-American heroes. We're not only living in a post-9/11 world, we're stuck with Jack Bauer in the 25th hour.
The investigation concluded further that there was no evidence that torture produced any significant information, much of
Now more than ever, Americans must come together and send a message once and for all that torture is immoral, illegal and ineffective.
All told, of the 190-odd countries on this planet, a staggering 54 participated in various ways in the American torture system. No region escapes the stain. No region, that is, except Latin America.
NBC News dug up a report on the Obama administration's drone policy. Josh Hersh and Zach Carter join Marc to discuss.
Although Bush administration officials said they never intentionally sent terrorism suspects abroad in order to be tortured
The answers given by Bigelow and Boal to justify the normalizing of torture in Zero Dark Thirty have been vain, wheedling, and dodgy. They are a clever pair of filmmakers, without political or moral depth, but here, perhaps more than they realized, they were playing with fire.
A widely praised new movie about the assassination of Osama bin Laden, Zero Dark Thirty, opens with a series of torture scenes. The movie scenes are brutal, yet sanitized.
Torture debases the persons tortured, as well as the torturers, and it violates the two truths that are common to most people of faith: every human being is created in God's image and we should love our neighbors as ourselves.