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A 500-page summary of the Intelligence Committee's report was released in December and detailed how agency officers used
So let's cut the talk of fundamental American values that the rest of the world should admire. Obama may not want to dwell on the past, but history will, and his legacy on torture will be one of acceptance.
If George W. Bush’s fervent insistence that his government did not engage in torture does not define and haunt him forever
Senate investigators also say that Bush was not briefed on the program until 2006, at which time he “expressed discomfort
Are Americans really of two minds, one without a conscience and one with? But it is in the American grain for us to publicly
As a result, the report says, the White House press secretary was told to avoid using the term "humane treatment" when discussing
Watch President Bush deny torture tactics above. The Senate report notes that his speech, which is mentioned several times
WASHINGTON -- For Democrats with the Senate Intelligence Committee, releasing a summary of their report on the CIA's post
WASHINGTON -- America, the Obama administration says, takes its history of torture seriously. President Barack Obama outlawed
WASHINGTON -- A U.S. delegation will be asked by a United Nations panel on Wednesday if it believes the international Convention