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bush white house

He thought he was in line for a more senior role.
This year's edition will be remembered for putting both Jay Roach's Trumbo and James Vanderbilt's Truth in contention for the Oscar race. I saw the two films back to back on Sunday -- and they are guaranteed to both grip you and infuriate you
Of all the egregious instances of misconduct by the Bush administration's Department of Justice, no case epitomizes the abusive, vindictive, and politically-driven agenda as much as the prosecution of Don Siegelman.
The Bush administration was told, as early as May 2001, about the threat of an attack by Al Qaeda. Read more on The New York
A former senior C.I.A. official says that officials in the Bush White House sought damaging personal information on a prominent
STF Report The Office of Special Counsel oversees compliance with the Hatch Act, which prohibits federal employees from engaging
The White House under George Bush reportedly told Tony Blair it harboured "grave doubts" about Gordon Brown's suitability
An investigation into the destruction of CIA videotapes that depicted harsh interrogations of terrorism suspects appears
One wishes that Iraq was now simply a matter of historian research. But the reality is that we're still there and the country is still dangerously unstable. No amount of truthiness can make that hard fact go away.
From 2003 to 2006, the Bush administration quietly tried to relax the draft language of a treaty meant to bar and punish
Since I worked in the Justice Department for six years as an Asst. U.S. Attorney, I found the extent of the politicization of the department that led to the attorney firing scandal especially shocking and distressing.
How inept was the Bush White House that with all their warrantless wiretapping, they never picked up on the ever-growing group of married, Republican politicians having extra-political affairs?
Since leaving the White House, members of the Bush administration have had varying experiences adjusting to a new reality
WATCH: **Scroll down for video** According to the Inside Edition website: On Wednesday night former Bush Chief of Staff Andrew
15. Embarks on an international tour as a stand-up comedian, but bombs in Iran.
The threat of 9/11 ignored. The threat of Iraq hyped and manipulated. Guantánamo and Abu Ghraib. Hurricane Katrina. The shredding
He came in determined to avenge his father, or complete him, or outshine him. He leaves having made his father look good -- if only by comparison.
The White House also insisted that Cerberus Capital, which owns Chrysler and is headed by John Snow, one of Bush's ex-Treasury
Much of the economic crisis is also being engineered by our sweet neo-cons to create an untenable situation for the Dems coming into power.
The fact that some of us Americans don't live within our country's borders doesn't make us less American. In this time of unifying America, accept your cousins who don't live at home.