The moment was captured on Kangaroo Island, which one shaken rescuer said has "bodies of charred animals as far as the eye can see.”
The glossy black cockatoo, Kangaroo Island dunnart and southern corroboree frog are just some of the species that could face extinction.
The good Samaritans drove through the devastation on Kangaroo Island to load their car with injured koalas.
Ecologists at the University of Sydney and WWF Australia estimate that a billion is a conservative figure.
The bushfires raging across Australia are forming their own weather systems.
The Australian comedian's fundraiser for local fire services battling wildfires has set off a global chain reaction.
So far, blazes have burned across 14.7 million acres in Australia, and firefighters are working tirelessly to stop them.
Residents yelled at the visiting leader for his inaction, telling him he should be "ashamed" and that he'd "left the country to burn."
The death toll includes up to 8,000 koalas, which were already considered vulnerable to extinction.
People in the coastal town of Mallacoota are sheltering on the beach as the wildfire approaches.
Six people have died and a thousand koalas were burned alive in unprecedented wildfires, but Australia's leader has refused to talk about climate change.
All residents have been warned “to be on alert."
Another fantastic post by climate campaigner, Guy Ragen, from the Australian Conservation Foundation. Since it's extremely
Forecasts for a return of hot, windy weather later this week has raised fears that three of the most dangerous blazes in
This could mean big things for wildfire-prone areas.