Business class

Fans roasted the model after she posted a picture on Instagram showing her asleep in a cozy coach seat wearing a Prada tracksuit.
The EPA head's habit of flying business or first class sparked outrage from some government ethics groups last week.
The Frankfurt Book Fair is over, but if you're looking for something to do before heading home, or want to think about making plans for next year, I have some suggestions.
4. There is five-course fine dining Business class meals are a far cry from the peanuts and pretzels you get in coach. We're
The flight attendants are very attentive and offered me a choice of apple juice, blueberry juice, or Champagne once I settled
Except for the rare occasion when I am magically (or otherwise) upgraded, I fly coach. Why? Because for me, the plane ride isn't the point.
Early in the flight, I looked up and saw a flight attendant with flawless skin and a genuinely happy look on her face saying
They are loaded with luxurious add-ons and bespoke services, brimming with champagne and caviar. But most of all, they have a great big whopping price tag to match.
I don't often sit outside of the economy cabin when I fly and neither do most of my friends. So when I or someone I know gets an upgraded experience it is fun to compare what the various airlines consider a lux experience.
On my recent trip to Europe, I was upgraded to business class for free, along with two of my travel companions. I had never flown business class internationally before.