business lunch

Today, when so many of us will traverse in and out of companies and continents the need for connections derived from business-related events and social settings becomes indispensable. This is something upon which the savvy business professional will capitalize.
With all due respect, no one suggests "lunch" because they think we look hungry and need to be fed! Many business transactions are either strengthened or shattered as a result of something we may or may not have done right at lunch.
"Their mouths say, 'Nice to see you!' but their eyes say, 'Burn in hell!'"
In some way, we all entertain for business at different times in our lives. It may be as simple as inviting a coworker into your home for a cup of coffee and a snack, inviting a visiting colleague to share a sandwich and soda in your office, dining with your boss at a nearby café, or treating a client to a cool beverage at the nineteenth hole after a round of golf.
The reality is that a business meal has very little to do with the food and everything to do with the way you conduct yourself at the table. Are your dining skills up to par?
Whether you're taking potential clients to lunch, meeting with colleagues, or acting as a mentor to a young person, here are some tips that will help make your lunch a successful one.
Across cultures, dining together is a common part of the process of reaching negotiated agreements. But are business deals actually improved when people discuss important matters over a meal?
And some out-of-work professionals are even launching gourmet food trucks of their own. In fact, CNBC reported on one former
Thank goodness those starving bankers and business folk can go back to enjoying their $21 shrimp cocktails, $44 rib steaks