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It has to be recalled that the last time a major shake-up occurred in the discipline, in 1959, this was based on recommendations
The Principles for Responsible Management Education (PRME), an initiative of the UN Global Compact, provides a platform to
But that said, I'm guessing that the Academy of Management is making a point that companies need to be meaningful to many
The conversations are going beyond private sector business to consider the business school's role in developing leadership
While there is no debate that an international experience has value, there is an emerging dialogue over what the ultimate goal or purpose of study abroad should be beyond mere exposure to cultures outside of one's culture of origin. Is exposure alone the ultimate goal?
We got to test out a new game that's supposed to be better at teaching strategy than a professor is. Here's what we found.
Back in the year 2000, the UN created a set of goals aiming to achieve them by 2015. Governments and corporations pledged to work to reduce poverty, address sanitation challenges, and several other serious challenges of our planet.
The world needs forward-thinking business innovators like Howard Schultz, but it's up to business schools to make socially-conscious business practices part of their core curriculum.
In my experience, gay people go through the process of coming out three times. First, they come out to themselves and their immediate friends. The second time is to their family and wider community. Finally, they come out in the workplace. But it shocks me how few gay people do the latter.
The ability to sell proves your attitude, critical thinking and soft-skills. Every other business discipline is just semantics. You have no marketers, accountants, lawyers, managers or HR people on staff if you have no sales. Businesses put a premium on people that can generate revenue.
If a company wanted to attract the best and the brightest and retain that talent, they would have to anchor corporate social responsibility and sustainability in all their business processes.
Would you expect MBA programs to be one of America's hotbeds for activating people to show support for their LGBT friends? Neither would I, but 12 of the country's top business schools are proving me wrong.
Graduates from business schools ranked high by the news magazine often earned higher salaries, on average, than graduates
"Culture eats strategy over breakfast," said Peter Drucker, and it is only when you fully understand what this means, that you'll lead a successful company.
Do you think someone with an MS in Poultry Science from Kansas State University should be ahead in line to get a U.S. green card compared to a Stanford or Harvard MBA? That is what Congress is likely to propose next month.
Bringing business students out from behind their desks and into the real world is a key aspect we champion, and you don't have to be one of the elites to do this. Any size school, such a Lynn, can reorient their thinking to put "matchmaking" high on the priority list. Here's how it can be done.
The last decade has been a one of soul-searching for business schools worldwide. Since the collapse of Enron, through the
If we could overhaul the way we think about the cost of education and the pursuit of entrepreneurship at our nation's MBA programs, perhaps, only then, we would see more entrepreneurs coming straight out of business school.
Perhaps the business school of the future isn't so much about technical knowledge but rather about educating ourselves on the process of learning. To build a new generation of innovative business leaders, unlearning curriculum is a business imperative.