Busy Philipps

The actress has two daughters, Cricket and Birdie.
Actress Busy Philipps testified on Capitol Hill about abortion rights in light of the passage of strict new abortion legislation in states like Alabama and Missouri.
The actress opened up about the abortion she had at 15 in a testimony before the House Judiciary Committee.
“In the fight to safeguard abortion, this is our Alamo," the ACLU's executive director said about the campaign, featuring actress Busy Philipps.
Celebrities — like Jameela Jamil, Rihanna and Chris Evans — are fighting against the latest restrictions on abortion rights.
Actress Busy Philipps asked people to share their abortion stories on Wednesday using the hashtag #YouKnowMe.
The host of "Busy Tonight" said she's "genuinely really scared for women and girls all over this country" and thinks everyone should be "sharing our stories more.”
The host is meeting with other networks to find a new home for her talk show.
“Get that CBD cream on your feet!" Busy Philipps advised Kristen Bell. “Go have fun!!!!”
Celebrities like Busy Philipps, Kevin Hart and Snooki have also taken part.
“Just be yourself and own it,” the body-positive model said.
The comedian and writer on E!’s "Busy Tonight" takes us behind the scenes of her new show. And explains the Oprah phone.
Philipps said Franco grabbed both her arms and screamed, "DON’T EVER TOUCH ME AGAIN!"
Christine Blasey Ford’s emotional testimony had Hollywood saying, “We believe you.”
The "Modern Family" actress posted her #WeBelieveChristine tweet at the same time Kavanaugh accuser Christine Blasey Ford was testifying in the Senate.
"Today is the day we are silent no more," the "Dawson's Creek" actress wrote as Christine Blasey Ford was testifying in the Senate.
From Edie and Dusty to Birdie and Frankie, many stars' daughters have fun, creative names.
The "Dawson's Creek" actress made sure to cross her Ts and dot her Is in this burn. 😂