Mindfulness is a mental state we achieve when we focus our awareness on the present moment. Even if the moment is chaotic
In the early 20th century, the more leisure time you had, the more you showed your status. That has changed entirely. Now
A cousin, who leads an equally frenetic life, has been meditating for years and suggested I try it. I was curious and knew
Why is burnout impacting women so often and so early? Here are three theories I have developed based on my work in this area.
Three years ago today, my love and I had just finished our last day in our corporate careers. We were about to host our very first live wellness event. Neither of us had a single paying client, or really any clue as to what we were getting ourselves into.
Try tuning in now. Close your eyes and take three deep breaths. Notice sensation in your body. You may sense tingling, coolness
Pastors cannot agree to meet the needs and whims of their congregation. We're not allowed to comply to their wishes, if their wishes require a superstar pastor who keeps the church upwardly mobile. This life, however, is not healthy for the pastor.
Being busy has nothing to do with being productive. It actually shields our dodging of important yet very uncomfortable actions. It restricts professional performance and limits mental capacity by compromising decision-making processes and letting our impulses loose. Although being busy can make us feel more alive, the state itself is not sustainable in the long term.
This isn't merely busyness. This is life, and we are right in the middle of it. Every practice, every game, every recital, book club, award ceremony, work, school or church function -- that's where our heartbeat is found.