Get a whiff of Butch pride in Lea Delaria's comedic homage to the classic David Lynch perfume ads. To learn more about LGBT youth issues and to get involved, go to ALIFORNEYCENTER.ORG
How is it that, as I approach half a century on the planet as a butch-identified woman, I still struggle with the constraints of masculinity?
Since he (and all of us) has the right to hate, we must remove the awful temptation to turn that hate into violent action. Without a gun, he's just a homophobic asshole. With one, he is a homicidal maniac. No one should be allowed to burn it all down.
Lea Delaria on the first time she had lesbian sex and other inappropriate questions.
Lea DeLaria is busy. Sure, she is the most famous Butch on television - indeed, perhaps the only Butch that most of America knows. But did you know that she is also an extremely talented musician?
Accepting I was gay had been one struggle, accepting I was butch, quite another. After finally accepting that I would much prefer to rock a suit and tie over a dress, it was like coming out all over again, a huge weight lifted from my shoulders but a whole new set of challenges to confront.
Ali thanked me and gave me my drink, "Take a seat, sir. I'll bring it." Grr. I turn with my drink -- and my big boobs -- and take a seat. A few minutes later, "Would you like bread, sir?"
I'm Mama. Me -- with my short hair, baggy clothes and baseball caps. When Maggie looks at me, she doesn't see a tomboy. She doesn't see a label. She doesn't see a puzzle where two separate genders maybe don't perfectly fit.
Matrimonial bliss must be in the air—two good friends announced engagements in the last week, and I’ve been inundated with
For decades I have been an avid fan of Alison Bechdel's work. What lesbian wasn't? In a world where our stories were so rarely told in an authentic manner, Alison's world and the characters she brought to life gave us a way to feel validated in a way that media representations never did.