Butler University

According to information from the massive database maintained by Privacy Rights Clearinghouse on data breaches, 30 educational institutions experienced data breaches in 2014. Five of the thirty schools actually had larger data breaches than the notorious Sony Hack.
I guess it’s sorority bid season or something, because my inbox is getting flooded with emails from sororities about their
Last spring, I invited a guy to my Indiana college fraternity's formal. I realized, though, that my fraternity brothers had never actually seen me with another guy. To them, I was "gay in theory." Would they be as accepting when they saw me dancing beard-to-beard with my date?
The formalities were already covered by a series of phone calls between Boston Celtics President of Basketball Operations Danny Ainge and Brad Stevens. It was time to sit down and finalize a deal to make Stevens the 17th head coach to walk the sidelines for the storied franchise.
Issuing a warning, whether it be about bad sushi or bad theology, encouraging your friends to be careful about what they purchase, ought not open you up to charges of being intolerant. I'm disappointed that Ken Ham of Answers in Genesis can't see that simple point.
Even when she's not on stage, Jenny, a Valkyrie whose waves of golden ringlets cascade down her shoulders, has quite a stage presence. Runway-model slim, she stands nearly six feet tall in her flat gold sandals.
Bill Watts, associate professor of English at Butler University, has just published a compelling and cautionary account of
As a Duke fan, I've become quite familiar with Duke Hating. But what's increasingly disconcerting is the racial element that often seems to be at the heart of antipathy toward Duke.
Careful review of the circumstances in specific regions of Mexico and the same precautions and common sense that is employed at home could mean the difference between gaining study and understanding and ignoring an opportunity.
Maybe the first Monday in April is the day we can point to where we all learned from sport in some way, and can use those examples in our everyday life.
The college, which has 4,000 students, also experienced one of the trappings of being popular: Its website crashed. For tiny
In the NCAA, it's win or go home. Not for Butler. They win and go home to Indianapolis. And if you want to draw a comparison to the movie Hoosiers, go right ahead.
Is a school entitled to discipline a student? Of course -- if a crime is committed. But let's get real here. We're talking about freedom of speech on the Internet.
Jess Zimmerman is a junior at Butler University. Last year he wrote criticisms of Butler's administration in an anonymous blog. We now have the first case of a university suing a student over online free speech.