butt injections

To become a successful plus-size model, Anivia turned to the black market for injections that could give her a more curvaceous backside. It was "addictive," she says, and now the pain is both nonstop and excruciating.
The pair charged customers $300 to $500 for injections of a saline solution sealed with superglue during sessions lasting
After Aderotimi's death, Windslowe performed more procedures, according to the district attorney's office. A young Philadelphia
MANHATTAN — A woman who fatally injected a 22-year-old mother's buttocks with silicone at a pay-by-the-hour Meatpacking District
According to a new American Society of Plastic Surgeons report, plastic surgery is on the rise -- no ifs, ands, or butts
Two months after a woman died after receiving butt-enhancement injections, police are ramping up their investigation of a West Miami-Dade strip mall beauty clinic.
A year later, a Hialeah couple was arrested for performing unlicensed butt injections out of their house with a substance
Last month, Smedley pleaded guilty to providing illegal silicone buttocks injections to women desiring larger posteriors
Another person charged in the case is ex-D.C. cop Martin Freeman, who allegedly gave security to Smedley while she injected
Corey Eubank, Alleged Toxic Tush Butt Injections Assistant, Attacked On Telemundo Talk Show 'Cristina' (WATCH)
Authorities arrested a man they said was injecting women's buttocks with silicone to make their derrieres plumper, at "pumping